The Perception of Architecture / The Architecture of Perception


This paper aims to explore and examine the concept of perception in direct relation to architecture, through the analysis of human senses and stimuli. The built environment is, possibly, one of the most important parts of our habitat, affecting the way we see the world (or perceive it), influencing our feelings and memories connected to space. The outside world is understood only in relation to our own bodies, and implicitly our senses, and how our mind interprets them; this, in return, generates the variable that is perception. Sensorial perception will be investigated through a series of brief case studies and relevant theories.

Although perception can go "beyond the evidence of the senses" , this paper will strive to break down the main sensibilities and sustain why and how they correlate in terms of reality and metaphysics.

"To be is to perceive, or to be perceived (esse est percipi, aut percipere)" - George Berkeley

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